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Nespresso Café Vienna


Nespresso Café Vienna

Location:                        Mariahilferstraße 126, 1060 Vienna, Austria

Client:                             Nespresso SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

Period:                            05/2014 - 14/2015

Services atelier Grell:   Local architect, permitting and construction management

General planner:           Enginera, Milan, Italy

Design:                           Saguez & Partners, Paris, France


The Nespresso Café Vienna is the first café of Nespresso worldwide. It’s run in a joint venture with Do&Co offering next to different coffee variation also small meals. A specifically developed robot “N-Cube” is distributing the capsules directly in a carrier bag. The minimalistic colour and material concept emphasizes the colourful products, whereas the generous height and the central position of the main bar are highlighting the imposing space.


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