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Koenig delicatessen


König delicacies

Location:                         Servitengasse 6, 1090 Vienna, Austria

Client:                              Feinkost Gerald König, Vienna, Austria

Period:                            05/2017 - 09/2017

Service Atelier Grell:    design, planning, ÖBA


The König delicatessen is located in the picturesque residential and commercial street Servitengasse in Vienna's 9th district. The merchandise include selected culinary specialties from Europe as well as fresh fruit and vegetables every day. The historic original facade of the shop, one of the last remaining in the Servitengasse, has been carefully restored and refreshed with client's CI colors. A spiral staircase that leads to a stylized balcony gives the inside of the sales room the character of a street scene and allows the imposing height of the room to be used in the best possible way. A 300 kilo tabletop made of Burgenland oak by the artist Daniel Bucur seems to float above the parquet thanks to filigree suspensions. Above all, a globe made of food motifs specially designed by Nikolaus Eberstaller rotates in the opposite direction to the earth's rotation.

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