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Festival Erl Guesthouse


Festival Erl Guesthouse

Location:                        Mühlgraben, 6343 Erl, Austria

Client:                             Haselsteiner Family Private Foundation

Period:                           11/2011 - 10/2012

Services Atelier Grell: Design Architect

Photos:                         © Lukas Lang Building Technologies


The event and residential building was built opposite the two festival houses in Erl / Tyrol. Atelier Grell has designed this project on behalf of the Haselsteiner Family Foundation and Lukas Lang Building Technologies. The building stands on the Festival Garage of the architects Kleboth Lindinger Dollnig and was opened simultaneously with the new Erl Festival House of Delugan Meissl. Lukas Lang Building Technologies has developed a construction system that can be individually combined by prefabricated elements. More infos here:


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