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City Lake Restaurant

Citylake Restaurant  

Location:                         Vorgartenstraße 206b, 1020 Vienna, Austria

Client:                              City Lake

Period:                             09/2009 - 04/2010

Services Atelier Grell:  Design and construction supervision

Project Partner:             Nikolaus Holstein


The starting point was to give rise to a flexible, changeable and exciting layout with a few simple tools. The floor was painted by artists with abstract water motifs to let the whole space float. Sliding room dividers made of vinyl net produce in the large dining room, pleasant, small zones without however preventing thanks to their transparency, the clarity of the premises. To assist in the culinary journey from various countries in Asia, we have supplemented trendy style and bold colors with a photo strip of ancient Asian art and deliberately striking the "Cities" and "Lakes" those countries cited on the walls, of which the specialties are served. More on this on


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